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Practice Areas

We focus on family law, divorce, mediation, adoption, estate planning, probate, small business and real estate. Experienced Legal Representation From Attorneys Who Care

Family Law and Divorce

We understand that family law involves more than just dividing up assets. A great portion of our practice includes educating you about resources available, advising you of options – and listening.


Adoption law is one of the most joyful areas of our practice. However, because of the complexities involved, it is difficult to do without an attorney trained in this area of law. We can make this experience a positive one for you.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning isn’t just for the super-rich. It is important to make clear your plans for raising your children in the event of your death, and also what your medical directives are in the event of serious injury or accident.


We can help guide you through this complicated process with professionalism and sensitivity.

Small Business

We represent many small businesses on everything from contracts to collections to succession-planning. Most importantly, we can help you avoid problems before they occur.

Real Estate

Most people will never make a purchase greater than their house. If there is ever a time to get it right, this is it.


Many people are opting not to spend their money on attorneys and instead would like to work out the terms of their divorce or other dispute between themselves. Our office has become the top firm for family law mediation in western Wisconsin. We can help you resolve the terms of your divorce – with or without attorneys – for far less than it costs to go to trial.

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